We are a leading manufacturer of precision components

Tradition and Technology. Quality is our tradition and culture at Bhumi Brass & Alloy and we constantly nurture & cater it with emergning technologies.

Bhumi Brass & Alloy is an ISO 9001 2015 certificated company which includes quality control at every stage. It maintain the highest level of quality in every product manufactured. Also the state-of-the-art in house quality control Laboratory helps to make the top class quality control. Proper analysts are employed who stringently test each and every product. Fine quality raw materials such as Extruded and Casted Brass Rods are widely used to fabricate strong and durable range of brass products. Various quality checking equipments like Micrometers, Vernier Calipers, Thread Plug Gauges and Ring Gauges, Pin Gauges, Dial Gauges, Radius Detectors, Pitch Gauges are extensively used to leave no area of quality unattended. It is only after proper trial and inspection that the products are sent for dispatch.


Type Qty
Profile Projector Rapid 1
Planting Thickness Testing Machine XRF type Fischer(Germany) 1
Material Analysis Machine; Spectomax (Germany) 1
Conductivity Tester Machine 1
Metal Hardness Testing Machine 1
Centrifugal Deburring - Polishing Machine 1
Vibro Finishing Machine 1
Digital Vernier Calliper [Mitutoyo Brand] 10
Micro Meter [Mitutoyo Brand] 5
Dial Vernier Caliper [Mitutoyo Brand] 10
Torque Testing Machine 1
Ring & Plug Gauges for Various Threads 100
WCP Gauges - Master Calibration 3
Pin Gauges - Specific 5
Special Structural Gauges to Control Critical Dimensions 25
Pitch Micrometer 1